Nanny Ella’s Toy Box
November 10, 2011
ABDL Training
November 18, 2011


Awww, my little man keeps squirming and holding his hand down below his belly, like he’s so very uncomfortable down there.  I know what you need – a nice, warm enema to get things moving the way they should and make everything right as rain again!  Now now, stop your fussing, mommy knows what’s best for you.  You’ll feel so much better when that warm water starts flowing deep inside you! And don’t you be worried or embarrassed about that little “swelling” you get between your legs every time you get an enema.  It’s a perfectly normal reaction that young men get when they receive an enema.  But don’t worry; mommy knows how to take care of that too!  Now assume the position – on your belly with your knees under you, that’s it, now raise those hips of yours and spread your knees apart….


AB Mommy Gina


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