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August 15, 2015
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August 23, 2015
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Cuckold Sissy Hubby

sissy phonesex

I bet you think your dick is great… well its NOT! It’s a tiny,
little pee pee, and you are a pathetic little cuckold bitch! I’ve eaten fries BIGGER than your puny little pecker.
And I KNOW you touch it a lot. There you are diddling your dick in the
corner, how PATHETIC!!! But what I can’t understand is how you find
the fucking thing! What do you use for a jock strap? A thimble and
some thread? Oh wait… you have to be a jock to use a jock strap. You
can’t even hold a cup! Your dick is soooo small; I can’t even use it
as a toothpick!!!

I have to go and find a REAL man to satisfy my appetite. You know, someone whose dick is bigger than a hummingbird? A real man who knows what to do with his cock. Someone who won’t be a waste of my time. Someone who WON’T dribble out his cum. Someone who can keep it HARD for more than 2 minutes. Someone I don’t have to PITY fuck or FAKE my orgasms for. You need lessons to even think about fucking ME! The only thing your good for is fluffing my lovers, and being a good little sissy fag!

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