A Lesson in Beauty
June 26, 2010
Come Party ABDL Style!
June 28, 2010

1. Dress lightly, wear lightly wetted t-shirts, wear light colored clothing as it reflects the heat or go naked
2. Use a cool wash cloth and wear it on the back of your neck
3. Play in the sprinkler then cool off in the shade
4. Eat lots of Ice Pops
5. Drink plenty of fluids (preferably low in sugar or water) and don’t drink it ice cold unless you want a brain freeze
6. Eat cool foods, like lots of watermelon or eat chicken salad in a melon
7. Keep a spray bottle close filled with water to mist off with or even the ones with a built in fan
8. Take a Hot Shower, sleep in silk or nylon sheets
9. Rub down with mint or peppermint lotions
10. Keep electrical devices off or to a minimum

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