Wearing a pink dress, a fetishistic back girl flashes her bare butt.
Sissified by Mommy Barb
August 25, 2015
A Boob Sex with a Nude Lady, who is dressed in bikini drees.
Cuckold Sissy Phone Sex With Mommy Candy
August 29, 2015

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AdultBabies  everywhere over here and over there.  Little ones with great big grins, mommy kisses their tiny chins.
Babies babies big and small, Mommy Susan loves them all. Itty bitty baby boys playing with their little toys.
Hugging kissing all day long makes her babies nice and strong. Laughing happy baby boys making all their baby noise.
Naughty babies are no fun, they get spankings on their bum. Naughty sissies please beware for there are outfits I will make you wear.
Pink and frilly bows with lace, are things you will wear at my place.
I’ll  take you out and make people stare, you will cry and they won’t care.
I will make you dance and prance and sing, and you can’t do anything.
But when were home and you are good, I will love you like an ABDL mommy should.
With soft caresses kisses galore, mommy will give you so much more.
Brand new diaper powdered bum, baby having so much fun.
Now its time to go to sleep, a special baby for mommy to keep.

Mommy Susan loves roleplaying and making her babies very happy.  Call me if you would like to make your ABDL dreams come true.



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