Unclothed during the photo shoot, the blindfolded boy looks incredibly attractive and seductive.
Don’t Tell Mommy
August 24, 2015
A Hot and Sexy Lady stands in front of the photoshoot in a pink outfit. She looks hot and sexy.
Mommy Susan’s baby poem
August 25, 2015

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Turning a naughty adult baby into a sissy girl does not always have to be done with domination as the motivation for them to be submissive to the idea. In fact, as my own mother always used to tell me, “you catch more flies with honey”. When you are sweet as pie, the babies often are sweet right back for you, making you taking care of them become much easier. I do my best to practice that method most of the time! I love getting to fill their nursery with all sorts of pretty dresses and shoes of all colors and styles. I also especially love to put different pairs of stockings on my little ones. After I have my sissy all dressed up, I always love to take them out with me to get a bite to eat or go shopping for even more accessories for baby and I! As long as you behave for mommy, we will surely have a great time together!

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