Taboo MILF Phone Sex
August 23, 2015
Wearing a pink dress, a fetishistic back girl flashes her bare butt.
Sissified by Mommy Barb
August 25, 2015


You have been such a good little sissy, that I’ve decided it’s time for a surprise. Your mommy and daddy are going to be gone for a while, so your wonderful ABDL babysitter went out and picked up a special outfit that I want you to wear tonight! After I strip you naked, I’m going to put a cute little diaper on you and help you into your new, tiny, lacy maid dress. I’ll help you slip into your new white stockings, slowly pulling them up on each leg, before I put you in your new black heels. After getting you dressed, I’ll let you pick out your favorite wig and make up; after all, you want to look your best for our company! When I finish with your makeup, I’ll take you by the hand and lead you downstairs for your big moment and you better make sure you behave! I’ve got a whole closet full of new toys to punish you with: paddles and whips, gags and riding crops, it’s going to be a fun night.. and your big surprise? I invited my boyfriend over, just for you! And looking at the bulge in his pants… I’d say he’s happy to see you.

Have fun, you little slut, and remember… Don’t tell mommy!

~ Babysitter Brittney



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