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January 14, 2013
Dirty Little Boy Gets an Over the Knee Spanking
January 19, 2013


Petticoat training never goes over very well with the little bratty subs that end up at my door.

That big,tough man that came to me today ended up in tears,

cause I showed him his attire for the night he was just not willing to accept his fate.

“I can not wear them they are ladies things and I am not a lady”, I gagged him & said”You are right 

you are far from a lady your my little bitch aren’t you?” I pulled his chin up with my crop so he was

finally staring me right in the eyes. He immediately got to his knees and lowered his head like the 

lowly little piece of man trash he is. He started to pull on the panties and garter that were laid out for him.

“Much better, you will learn your place now that your little tantrum is over.” 

You are looking very pretty in that frilly corset and slip.

Now I think you need to come off your knees and over my lap I took my time with him to

be sure he never questioned his Mistress again.

 Mistress V



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