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January 13, 2013
Punished petticoat style
January 14, 2013
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diaper mommy


I am not your typical diapermom, but I do really enjoy giving

strict punishment to misbehaving abdl‘s.

Having to put you across my knee gives me such a thrill, especially if u like being

naughty over and over again.

Do not think twice about not getting caught as I am always watching and ready

at a moments notice to give you a nice hard swat on your bottom.

So no throwing a fit if you do not get your way and I say it is time for your nap.

You will get into that crib willingly or there will consequences.

Cause hell hath no fury like a mommy scorned.

When I am cross you will hear me coming for you a mile away.

Mistress Veronika


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