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January 13, 2013
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January 14, 2013
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ABy Feeding

aby feeding


I love being fed when I’m wearing a diaper! It makes me feel even more like a little girl. Whether I’m drinking my bottle or getting fed baby food it’s so much fun!

When I’m drinking my bottle, I usually just hold it myself, unless I’m sitting on Daddy’s lap, then he holds it for me and I just get to lay back and relax. Sometimes I even fall asleep before I finish! When I’m getting fed baby food it’s really fun because I get to sit in my high chair! I loooove being naughty in my high chair when Daddy’s trying to feed me! I throw my cereal everywhere and slap away the spoonfuls of mushy baby food Daddy tries to feed me! There’s always a big mess when it’s over, and I giggle while Daddy tries to clean it all up heehee!!

Do you love feeding time too? Are you a good ABy that sits still while the plane comes with the big spoonful of carrots? Or are you naughty like me?! Either way I love being fed while I’m diapered, it definitely adds to the adult baby fun!

kissies, Cali


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