My Poor Aby is Sick
July 16, 2011
MILF! It does a body good!
July 17, 2011

I’ve been fascinated as of late with different forms of subduing techniques.  I have put the question to the forums over on Phone a Mommy, and I thought I might bring the subject here as well.  From cuffs, to potions to being immobilized by many pairs of hands to blackmail – so very many ways to be restrained for one purpose or another.  Now the other night in the chatroom, our resident Daddy Paul brought up the possibility of plastic wrap.  Well let me tell you, this peaked my interest.  What a lovely use a common household item!  One could use plastic wrap as a suitable substitute to ropes/cuffs, create a make shift  sleep sack out of it, as well as adapt it to be used as bed/hospital straps.  And the things I could do with the colored wraps – especially the rose colored ones (let’s just say I would test my clothes designing skills with it, teeheehee!)!  I think it may actually pass the versatility of duct tape LOL!  So I wanted to tip my hat to Daddy Paul for opening my eyes (and my warped, little mind) to the wonderful world of plastic wrap!






Oh, and as a side note, thought that this might be entertaining for all you ABies out there!

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