Potty Training for AB
May 16, 2011
Naughty ABie Boy
May 19, 2011


I remember the first time you took a step; the first time you skinned your knee; the first time you went to school. Who else would be there for all your firsts but your mommy? And now you are ready for another first time – one that will show you what to do with that growing penis of yours. There’s no reason to get bashful with me! I can see your newly formed boner underneath those covers of yours. I’m going to just crawl in next to you, and show you exactly how to touch it, how to stroke it, how to use it in new and wondrous ways, places. – Now are you ready for your next “first time?” 


Mommy Gina


Other areas of play for this MILF:
Strap on play ~ sissy training ~ petticoat punishment ~ adult babies ~ diaper lovers

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