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May 16, 2011
First Time
May 19, 2011

Hi AB’s guess what!? Some of you are in need of potty training 101 with Dommy Mommy Lexus! I use many different ways to get my AB’s to go in the potty just like a boy boy/girl does. The only thing is, when you are out of your diapers…we have to switch to training pants! There will be specific times of the day that we must get you to the potty chair to get you to go. Like 1st thing in the morning, mid morning, afternoon, and a couple times after dinner then lastly right before bed. Mommy likes to make a game out of it to get you to go. I like to put little “targets” in the potty when you are going pee pee. Cheerios is one thing that I tend to use. It’s makes it fun for you to aim at the targets when your going potty. And you will always be rewarded for a successful time at the potty. The rewards can be many, but mommy knows that you will really love the rewards! Call Mommy Lexus for potty training time 1*888*430*2010

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