From sissy maid to sissy AB
January 20, 2013
Bath time with Mommy
January 21, 2013

nursing mommy

While I would say that good firm spanking is always a good answer to most problems, so is a full tummy. That’s why I like to follow most spankings with a nice tummy full of mommy’s milk. It’s the best way to get a crying ABy to settle down!

Once an ABy’s bottom is thoroughly reddened I sit on my big rocking chair and pull my ABy up on my lap. I get comfortable, undoing my nursing bra and push my nipple into my crying ABy’s mouth. And that’s all it takes! As soon as an ABy gets a taste of mommy’s sweet milk, they hush up and calm down instantly. I rub ABy’s burning bottom while he fills his tummy until he drifts on off to sleep.

So if you misbehave yourself with Mommy, you can bet that you’ll get a bright red bottom, but afterwards Mommy will hush you up with a tummy full of mommy’s milk.

Mommy Liz

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