A Boob with the Shape of a Sixpack the lady was naked. And she was carrying a six-pack.
Sissy Fashion Show
January 10, 2016
A Half Nude Boob Sex the lady was dressed in all black and was wearing stocks.
Sissy Humilation
January 11, 2016

ABB_01Well I have sure had my share of naughty babies. You know the one’s that throw big temper tantrum fits maybe throwing themselves on the floor or yelling and crying to try to get their way. Or some bad little ones will throw their toys at things and intentionally break them out of anger with those little fits of rage. I am here to tell you that this mommy does not like it at all and will not stand for it. No temper tantrums allowed in this mommies presents, no sir, I will pull those pants down and put you across my knees bare bottom up and spank you good. You will have a sore bottom for sure when I am through with you.  Don’t try to run away from me either because I promise I will catch you and when I do you better not cry because you will get what you deserve for that naughtiness. If you have been a bad baby and need a spanking you call mommy Tawny and I will give you a good one.

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