A Nude Hot And Fetish Sex the lady was nude throughout the entire session. And she is currently seated on a chair made of wood.
Bad Babies
January 11, 2016
Baby Boy Sissy The boy was dressed as an adult sissy in a panty.
Nursery Tales – The story begins
January 11, 2016


I love taking care of my abdl babies and nurturing them but there’s something about dominating my sissy babies that excites me and turns me on. I can be the sweet Mommy Lizabeth but when babies need to be disciplined, I have no problem switching it up, especially when it comes to my sissy babies.

Sometimes my sissy babies have been bad and they get out of line. In this case, I like to dress them up in a pink baby doll dress, and pink diaper. To humiliate them even further, I’ll place a blonde wig on them and put some pretty pink blush on their cheeks. I then will make them do a spin for me in their dress and call them names and take pictures with my Polaroid camera, tact the pictures on the wall so they will never forget and take the extra pictures with me just in case for blackmail. My favorite part comes last; the social humilation of going out in public. That will sure teach them a lesson.



diaper sissy

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