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January 9, 2016
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January 11, 2016

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After a long day of taking care of changing diapers, doing feedings, and playing with those sweet little ones, this sweet ABDL mommy has a little something in mind that helps to unwind in such an exciting way! Fortunately, my nursery is also home to so many obedient little diaper sissies who just love it when mommy comes in to play with them! Of course, my lovely little sissies have a huge closet with all of the finest clothes that they could ever desire. There is a large mirror in the middle, and a place for me to sit! I love finishing off a long day with a fashion show of all of those beautiful dresses and shoes and things. And of course, the best models are all of my sweet sissies. If it is not past their bed time, we even make sure to invite the ABDLs to watch the fashion show too!




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