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May 24, 2013
adult nanny and the troublesome adult toddler
May 27, 2013

cali tub

I was a good girl alllll week long, so I got to have a special treat! Daddy took me to the store and let me get bubble bath stuff!!

There was all kinds of yummy smelling bubble bath bombs covered in all kinds of sparkly glitters!! Daddy said I was soooo good that I could pick as many as I wanted! I got sooo many! There was a goldish colored one that was covered in gold glitter, a pink and purple one that has a pretty rose in the middle of it, a white one with all different colors spotted on it… that one smelled like the ocean mmmmm!!!

When I got home, Daddy filled the tub with warm water and put one of the pink and purple bombs in the water. It got all fizzy and made the water pretty pink!! I played in the tub till I was all pruney and soft hehehe! Afterwards Daddy rubbed my favorite lotion all over… and then we had special time hehehee!!!

I guess being a good girl is fun sometimes… but this week I’m ready for more naughty fun!

kissies, Cali



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