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November 18, 2012
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November 19, 2012
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Public Spanking

Public Spanking

I got in soooo much trouble this week! I was at the grocery store with daddy doing some shopping and I did a bad bad thing! Before we even got in the car daddy told me that I better behave myself or he was gonna have to punish me. He said that meant no begging for treats or throwing tantrums. When we got to the store I tried to be a good girl, I really did! But sometimes its just too hard! I got daddy to buy me ice cream and some cookies, and then we walked by the candy aisle and I really wanted some peanutbutter cups. Daddy said no way, he said I already had lots of candy from trick or treating and I didn’t need any more. So of course then I got all pouty and mad. I don’t care that I already had candy, I wanted peanutbutter cups!

A little later we were still at the grocery store and I really had to tinkle. I told daddy, but he said that I needed to be a big girl and hold it until we were done. Boy, was I mad then! I couldn’t have peanutbutter cups AND he wanted me to hold my tinkle! He was getting some peas and carrots from the frozen vegetables section when I decided I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I took off my panties and I squatted down and tinkled right in the middle of the aisle! I don’t think I ever seen daddy that mad! He pulled me up by my arm and pulled up my dress and spanked my bare bottom right there in front of everyone! And it HURT! It wasn’t a nice fun spanking! My bottom was all bright red and sore when he was done, and that wasn’t it! Daddy yelled at me the whole way home and he wouldn’t let me have any of my Halloween candy for the rest of the day.

Don’t worry though, I was a good girl (mostly) for the rest of the week, and daddy can never stay mad at me for too long, even when I get in trouble, hehehe.

kissies, Cali


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