She's approaching the car with a diaper and pink sissy dress.
What Type Humiliation Is Your Favorite?
September 5, 2019
The man is sitting on a chair and wearing a lock, and there is a pink Sissy Chastity sex toy nearby.
Sissy Locked in Chastity
October 6, 2019


Diaper sissy Amanda was crying harder than she ever had before; fat, round tears streaming down her face as she fussed in her diapers. “Mommmm-yyy pwease change meee!” She whined and whimpered between body wracking sobs, her sissy diapers stretched to gargantuan proportions behind her. “Aww, what’s the matter, baby wetsy pants?” Her hypnosis mommy mistress mocked her, tugging at the back of the over filled diaper stack. “Don’t you remember your sissy rules, princess?” The pathetic sissy baby struggled to choke back her tears long enough to gulp out a halting “y-yyess” Mommy laughed- “And what do your rules say?” Crying fit or no, Amanda’s sissy hypnosis training was thorough as deep enough to have the sissy rules Mommy taught her flooding through her head and in moments she was reciting them as if in a trance. “Sissy babies only get changed when Mommy says so… sissy must always obey Mommy… sissy must obey all women…” Mommy nodded her approval as her helpless submissive continued her recitation.


Mommy Jackie


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