diapered and bound
October 30, 2011
Happy Halloween
October 31, 2011

Have you ever thought about being shown off as a sissy to many many ladies? I’ve though about how much fun it would be to have a big sissy show. Maybe even a sissy pageant. The thing about it is a lot of the sissies I know are plain slutty and they would do anything to be crowned as the sissy winner. I can think of several sissy sluts who would bribe the femdom judges with favors just to get that crown. There are some scandalous sluts out there and you know who you are. What would you do to who to get crowned as THE sissy princess? Would you take a strapon in front of the judges? Would engage in sissy on sissy oral?

Think about it though. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your Mistress or your Dommy Mommy dress you up in gorgeous clothes and makeup to be seen by all of the other sissies and females there? Picture what you might wear to such a sissy show. Would you be in a long formal gown with heels and pantyhose? Would your Mommy dress you as a little sissy baby girl in diapers and a ruffled dress? Let your imagination run wild and think of all of the cute things and sexy outfits a Mistress might dress her sissy up in for all to see. What would the crown look like? Would there be a talent contest for the sissies to sing,dance, do comedy or something else?
Mommy Scarlet

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