ABDL Halloween Party
October 30, 2011
sissy sluts and sissy princess
October 31, 2011

bondage and diapers


Two of my favorite things are diapers and bondage. It just happens that my abie sissy loves them too. Lucky for both of us. I spent the other night talking to one of my old friends about abie sitting him while I got some errands done. As he was in the bathroom getting a shower I threw his diaper bag and a small toy bag into the trunk of our car. He asked me about whether or not eh had to wear diapers during this outing. I told him no, I thought he could be a big girl and just wear panties. When I drove to the friend’s house instead of to the store he started to ask me what we were doing. I said dropping by to visit for a few minutes.

We got inside and I had him drop his pants. He looked at me confused and my friend just said “oh the baby needs a diaper before Mommy leaves him. “. He blushed as I pointed down to the ground for him to lie down and get diapered. My friend went to the car and got the bags. I took his diaper out and diapered him in front of my friend. Then I took the strands of rope form the bag and tied his ankles together then his wrists. I kissed him on the head and told him that Mommy’s friend would keep an eye on him while I ran some errands. My friend started laughing and said well little baby it’s just you and me for now isn’t it? My abie blushed and then asked a very silly question. He asked me why I tied him up. Mommy wanted to, that’s why he got tied up.

Mommy Scarlet

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