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April 12, 2013
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April 19, 2013

Messy Cali


Going tinkle in a diaper is fun… but going poopy in a diaper is MORE fun!! There’s just something about a soft cushy diaper that makes me want to fill it with a load of big stinky poopys!

I like to hold for a loooong time, until I can feel myself all full of poopys. I turn over on my tummy on my bed and tuck my knees up under me so my bottom is lifted. I can feel my poopy trying to get it, but I make it go reeeaaal slow so I can feel the whole thing come out. I feel it start to push against my diaper and squish against my bottom. Mmmm so squishy and gushy! Once its all out of my bottom, I crawl down on to the floor and sit up so I can wiggle all over on my poopy bottom! Oooh its so hot and steamy in my diaper and I can feel it getting allllll over! Even between my wittle lips hehehe!!

Daddy always knows that I’ve been playing in my poopy diaper when he puts my up on the changing table and opens my diaper to find poopy EVERYWHERE!! Hehehe Daddy says I’m his stinky wittle ABy!

Kissies, Cali


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