A Nurturing Mommy
April 12, 2013
Messy Cali
April 13, 2013
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Kidnapped by Malicious Mommy Crissy

Your Bound and gagged unable to call for help kidnapped by one of the most malicious phone mommies.
What was that I gave you to drink? I told you it was apple juice but it had a funny after taste.
your mind will not quit racing the last thing you can remember is the big white un-marked van pulling up then it was lites out! You can feel the heavy rug under you the drug makes it hard for you to move your arms feel heavier than what is in your diaper,maybe you will just shut your eyes and wait to see where this all goes.
You hear me talking on my cell right before you start to drift off again.
” Yes we will be heading to the plane he is ready to be taken to live with his new family who love to give spanking’s
very well.” “See you soon.”
You just can not shut your mind off, what is going on where are they taking me, I thought I could trust my Mommy.
You hold back the tears…


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