April 9, 2013
Kidnapped by Malicious Mommy Crissy
April 12, 2013

nurturing mommy lexus

A strict Mommy can also be a nurturing Mommy. Now I know my reputation as a strict mommy precedes me, but being a firm disciplinarian is for my Abies’ and Sissies’ own good.  After all, if I didn’t love and care for each and every one of you, I wouldn’t bother with trying to teach you right from wrong. 


That being said, even though I am a strict AB/DL Mommy, I am also a loving and nurturing mommy to all my Abies and sissies out there. You see, Mommies that are strict also cuddle, read stories, play and do fun things as well. Yes I am strict when a baby needs discipline but as I’ve pointed out already, it’s always out of love and for their own good.


So if you need to be nurtured by a Mommy – a mommy who cares deeply for all her little ones – just remember, strict mommies can give you what you need as well “smiles”



Dommy Mommy Lexus


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