A Nude Breast Nipple lady is sitting on the bed, showing off her nude boobs while wearing a sexy porn toy. The man is also nudely lying on the bed.
Seductress Mommy Candy
September 27, 2015
A Good Fashion Designer The gown has a very nice appearance, and it was blue in colour; additionally, the design of the gown was very nice.
A Beautiful Dress
October 2, 2015


I’ve got something special planned for you tonight, so why don’t you start by coming over here and sitting on the bed? I’m going to make you feel like such a pretty girl tonight, and you’re going to love me being your Mistress. It’s time to start the feminization process of your Sissy training; and I want to begin with getting you into these cute little panties and matching bra! So pull off your clothes.. and hurry up, or you’re going to get a hard spanking. Once you’re completely naked, I’m going to push you back and slide these panties onto you, and then the bra, both frilly and pink. I’ll slide some cute stocking up onto your legs, slowly pulling them all of the way up, then I’ll put you into a pair of hot pink high heels. After you’ve gotten used to walking in those tall stilettos, it will be time to put you in a short pink dress that ties behind your neck…

Looking beautiful already, now it’s time for the fun stuff…





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