Cross-Dressing Fantasies He is a feminism man, and he is standing on the ground while sporting a black attire.
Sissy Cock Sucker
January 27, 2020
One Panties Man is standing on the ground and wearing colourfully designed underwear.
Diapers on Order
April 25, 2020

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ohnny wanted to get up, wanted to spring out of the crib Aunt Brenda just placed him in and yell at her, tell her that she couldn’t tell him what to do! He really wanted to tell her that she couldn’t turn him into a sissy baby and call him Princess PottyPants… but last time he tried that all he got for his trouble was being put over her lap to get a spanking that still had his bottom sore from two days ago. He couldn’t believe that all this started with him getting too drunk one night and wetting the bed in the guest bedroom. Somehow that led to him wearing diapers at night, then during the day when he wet himself again(pretty sure she slipped something in his drink!), and now he’s in full sissy gear, dress and diaper and all! It certainly didn’t help that he was on the small side for his age, but she held him down for his spankings like it was nothing. Her domination and control of him was so firm that he almost felt like a baby for real… he almost likes it sometimes. How would you feel like this? Call me for some forced sissification phone sex and tell me.



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