She is wearing a white diaper and a Sissy Faggot diaper man is seated on the bed.
Cock Lovin’ Sissy Faggot
December 1, 2019
For the photo session, a Diaper Sissy is positioned on the ground while standing.
Good Little Diaper Sissies
December 29, 2019

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Michael eased down on all fours, leaning forward so that his bottom lifted up into the air, his sissy dress falling down a bit to his waist. He started to lap at the dog bowl full of baby formula that Auntie Brenda had put down for him, licking it clean, then switching over to doggie bowl with pureed baby food right next to it and gave that one the same treatment. He had been a naughty sissy baby, and his auntie decided that some humiliation punishment would be just want he deserved and needed. So now here he was, in a frilly dress, a thick pink diaper, a pink leather collar around his neck with a leash attached, playing as a silly sissy puppy! He crawled on all fours and did just what he was ordered to do. Are you ready for your discipline? Call for some dommy mommy phone sex.



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