The woman was wading while in black stockings and had a naked sex. She is currently seated on the sofa.
Small Penis Humiliation
September 10, 2015
The boy was dressed in a pink sissy adult dress, high-heeled slippers, and stocks.
Be Mommy Lizabeth’s Sissy
September 12, 2015


It was a normal day for me; I was in my classroom and working on the last of my paperwork when one of my students knocked on the door. I waved him in and couldn’t help but laugh when he entered the room wearing a frilly pink dress. He slowly walked up to me and started fumbling through some excuse about how he had lost a bet but I knew better.. He was a sissy, and no doubt, he was sent here for the humiliation he would endure walking through the halls. I stood up and walked over to him, lifting up his head so I can see his face, then giggling when I notice the bright pink lipstick and red blush on his cheeks. I lifted up the back of his dressed and couldn’t help but smile when I saw a thick, pink diaper on him.. This was going to be fun. I took him by the hand and sat him down in one of the empty desks, then I handed him a pop quiz I had written up the day before.
Let’s hope he passes, or life is going to get a lot harder for this little sissy bitch.



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