The boy was dressed in a pink sissy adult dress, high-heeled slippers, and stocks.
Teacher Takes Control
September 11, 2015
A Hot Lady The woman was dressed in a pink western attire.
Tiny cock
September 12, 2015


Are there stricter mommies than me? Yes, I have a soft heart. Are there mommies that produce more milk? Not many, I assure you. I produce loads of milk each day. Are there more loving mommies for  a sissy like you? I suppose that depends on how tough you want your love. I will spank and dress you up like the frilly girl you wish to be. I’ll insert all sorts of brick-a-brac into your sweet bottom. I’ll blackmail you with all these wonderful pictures I’ve taken to humiliate you and get you to do what I will, but if you’re seeking a mommy that will really hurt you then you may want to try mommy Ava or one of the other bdsm mommies.

I will treat you like what you are, my sweet little spoiled sissy. I’ll sew you clothes of all sorts and sexy, sweet numbers to photograph you in.

If I cound like your kind of mommy the we should have some fun.


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