October 2, 2015

Go ahead and cry little sissy

Your mom drops you off at my house for a few hours while she runs errands. HaHa! She has no idea what I have planned for you. I take you upstairs and strip you of all of your clothes. You start to fight me but you know you can’t argue with your older cousin, I will always win. I tell you that if you don’t wear what I say, I’m going to make you go outside naked. I get you all dressed up as a pretty little girl. You look so silly in that sissy dress and diaper. I’m going to take pictures of you and show all your friends. No one will want to talk to a weird little sissy fag like you! HaHa, that’s right, you’re nothing but a little baby girl. How does that diaper feel? Have you wet it yet, sissy baby? Aww, are you going to cry? Go ahead and cry, little baby! Jenna
December 31, 2012

Abie new years for diaper slaves

Its that time of year again, Abie new years. I bet you think that you are gonna finally get something accomplished  this year will be so much better than the last. Guess again your so pathetic you will fall right back into your  very bad habits of never following through with anything & being a lazy boring whore of a diaper slave! You get your pretty knickers out now and plan for all your dirty deeds you will get yourself suckered into  for this drunken,debauchery of a holiday. I will look forward to making you eat all the incriminating pictures you  come back to my dungeon to show me just what went on behind the closed doors of the party you will be dragged too. Who knows I could just send them all to your ugly,mean wife. We will see just how generous I might feel. Have a whorey new year you Loser! Vicious Veronika 1*888*430*2010
October 18, 2012

pathetic sissy

I like to dress my  pathetic sissy in  princess pink and ,matching panties. Sometimes my sissy even likes to wear less some hooves & an apron do just nicely. My little sissy prances around in his dress and panties while I spank his little pantie clad butt. Dirty little pony    he really likes to dance like a sissy in front of a mirror would if he was at home all alone. Little does he know his vicious Mommy Mistress has a a few friends over that are watching him right now without him knowing just yet. I have a sheer curtain that my surprise humiliation group is looking through at the spectacle that is my dirty little pony.  As dances away & I spank his ass I pull the curtain then all my friends start to laugh and point yelling loudly how pathetic & silly he looks. My pony hangs his head in shame. I smile sadistically.   Vicious Mistress Humiliatrix all around Dominant
October 5, 2012

Paddled in pretty pink panties

Sissy boy paddled in pretty pink panties. dancing for my cameras eye. What a silly little twit that thinks he can get away with stealing the neighbor girls panties out of the backyard from the clothesline. I paddled him good he knew I would. Then I marched him over to the girls house in the panties and restrained in leather bondage cuffs. He was made to knock and wait  horrified as the girl looked out the window & laughed so hard she cried. So he says to me in his pathetic little voice stammering ” Mistress I tried… I really tried…It is hard to be good… I did try tho.” I guess you will try harder next time ! Vicious Mistress V 1*888*430*2010
February 14, 2011

Sissy AB Training

We have a guest blogger today. A subbie in sissy training completed an assignment, part of which is to write a blog entry about his sissy ab training. Enjoy “I have been instructed by Miss Scarlet to write a blog entry for her detailing the treatment I have been forced to endure at her hands as a result of my recent enrollment in her Sissy AB Boot Camp.  It wasn’t my choice to be here, but it seems I don’t make a lot of choices anymore.  My life has slowly been transformed from that of a normal adult male to that of one of Miss Scarlet’s diapered sissies.  I am kept in diapers, forced to use them, and made to endure harsh punishments and humiliations meted out daily by Miss Scarlet and her friends. I am often left confined to wet and/or messy diapers for long periods of time, my compliance enforced by locking plastic panties.  My former wardrobe of jeans, tshirts, and the like is a thing of the past, now replaced with onesies, dresses, plastic panties, and tights, all in pink and white, and decked out with ruffles whenever possible.  I spend much of my time now sucking on pacifiers, and my diet is now primarily pureed foods bottle-fed liquids.  Enemas, suppositories, and other treatments are used to make sure my thick diapers are kept wet and messy for as much time as possible, and I am allowed precious few changes to make sure my discomfort lasts for quite a while.  I have been sent out in public on humiliating assignments and shopping trips that get more and more embarrassing with every new task.  If I am sent to buy diapers, for example, I am forced to return not only with diapers, but with a note signed by the female cashier that explains how not only are the diapers for me, but they are worn as a part of my sissy retraining as opposed to a medical condition. I offer my tale as a warning to anyone who may get trapped by Miss Scarlet…  Her methods are harsh, yet effective.  Once she sets her sights on transforming you into her next diapered sissy, the best you can do is comply.  Resisting will only make it harder on you.   Though more fun for her, she delights in breaking through whatever meager resistance you can muster.  And she is quite good at it too. At any rate, I have to leave…. I’ve got a few public assignments that need doing.  But I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from me once again, should Miss Scarlet decide it necessary.” Thank you Baby Shadow for your entry. I look forward to seeing how you do with the rest of your assignment. Miss Scarlet 1-888-938-7382 $1.99 a min US & Canada, $2.50 to connect International Calls are $2.99 a min. International Callers use- 714-422-2402 Billed discreetly as Madison Enterprise
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