The white cap and the costume are both worn by the fetish man who is sitting on the bed.
Mommy Knows Your Secret
January 20, 2018
There was a green designer gown that was kept on the floor.
ABDL Saint Patty’s!
March 11, 2018

I really do hope that you aren’t too fond of your balls, dear, or your cock for that matter.  Once I’ve started your forced feminization phone sex, you won’t have much use for them at all. I will turn you into a full-fledged sissy…and for an extra helping of humiliation, I’m going to tuck you into a thick adult diaper. It will be awfully funny to see you finally walking as if you have something substantial between your thighs! I will have you completely decked out in stockings, a frilly dress(that doesn’t even cover your diapered tushie!), some high heels for you to be tottering around in….I will be crying from how hard I will be laughing at you.  And all my friends will be to when I invite them over! Everyone needs to see your transformation, so that no one will ever again make the mistake of thinking that you are actually a grown man.  Call me for your sissification phone sex, so that I can start with you!



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