She is standing on the ground while a forced deminization boy shows her nude pornography.
Sissy Bitch Phone Sex
January 20, 2018
Girl undergoing forced feminization is resting on the bed and wearing a pink dress and a white diaper.
Forced to be a Diapered Sissy
January 21, 2018

I have a very professional gentleman who likes to call on me for some adult diaper phone sex. He always says, “I have a secret”. Of course, by now I already know what his little secret is but I always play along and say, “Tell Mommy what is your secret” He always replies with the cutest baby giggle. “I wore my ABDL diapers to work today and I think my secretary can see them”. I believe his secretary can see them I even think she knows what they are for so I tell him she knows. Which makes him giggle even more. I can tell he is getting excited about the idea that his secretary knows his little secret. I tell him I know his little pee pee in his diaper is hard and poking through the soft fabric. And he admits it is! Which makes me very happy. I want him to cum all in his ABDL diaper and make a big mess. I tell him to make a big mess for Mommy and he does it very loud with giggles and baby noises. He is such a good sissy baby phone sex lover and I love when we share secrets. Call me and share your secrets too! 



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