Girl undergoing forced feminization is resting on the bed and wearing a pink dress and a white diaper.
Forced to be a Diapered Sissy
January 21, 2018
Property Bondage Rose Collar Submissive Smooth Sissy Prostitute Wench Tart UK
Forced Diapered And Publicly Humiliated!
March 16, 2018

One of my favorite holiday is St Patrick’s Day. It celebrates that spring is on its way. This year for St Patrick’s day I’m going to spend the day with my Favorite ABDL Sissy. We are going to dress her up in my favorite green and white ruffle dress. You know the kind with the puffy arms and flared skirt. Big pretty ruffled panties with a huge bulky diaper underneath. Of course, I am going to put a pretty green bow in my ABDL’s hair and make sure that my Sissy baby all dolled up for the day. Once I have my baby girl dressed up I make sure she is ready for the fun day the we are going to have because I have a really big surprise for my Pussy baby today. I made sure that my breasts were really full today and I pumped until my nipples were sore. And I took all that milk and put it into an enema bottle then placed a few drops of green dye in it. Because its St Patricks day of course! This sexy MILF is going to have so much giving you a warm Breast Milk Enema fun playing with your ass and filling it up. If you want to hear more give me a call 



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