There was a green designer gown that was kept on the floor.
ABDL Saint Patty’s!
March 11, 2018
Gaynor and Dyllis Display the Ladies The lady said something to those two ladies, and their expressions changed.
Sissy Baby Girl
March 16, 2018

So earlier this week I got a date planned for this guy and I met him at a fetish club and he was looking to try something new and was looking for a Mistress. So I invited him over to my house for dinner, I had something very exciting to try. He  arrives and I let him and Immediately commanded him to take off all of his clothes and get on his knees.  I place a hot pink Collar around his neck. A Bondage hood over his head that was bright pink and I laid him on his back and slide a Adult diaper right under his bottom and it was also bright pink and put some nipple clamps and an bra on this fresh new sissy slut. I pulled a pink poofy dress over her head and walked in front of me and kneelled down and kissed my feet like a good Sissy Slut



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