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Forced Diapered And Publicly Humiliated!
March 16, 2018
Half-naked white frock and panty were being worn by a Diapered and Shamed Lady.
Diapered Cuckold
April 1, 2018

I don’t see any big boys here, just a little sissy baby girl. So why are you still dressed like that, dollface? Strip for Mommy this instant! I have a whole wardrobe of ruffly, frilly, lacy dresses with your name on them. And that wittle bitty dicklette will be locked away in a pretty pink chastity cage, no more playing with your sissy button, Mommy owns that nub now. We have a party to get to so quit your dawdling and get dressed in the outfit I have picked out for you. Baby pink with white bows all over, that little baby doll dress and matching ruffly plastic pants will be perfect for you to show off to Mommy’s friends tonight. Add some matching baby socks and hair bows and aren’t you a picture perfect sissy baby. Get ready to curtsy, baby girl, you’re going to be on display tonight while we laugh at your little pee pee and you sing and dance for me, call me for some sissification phone sex.

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