Gaynor and Dyllis Display the Ladies The lady said something to those two ladies, and their expressions changed.
Sissy Baby Girl
March 16, 2018
Force Messing Your Adult Diaper
Force Messing Your Adult Diaper Part 2
April 2, 2018

Jeff sighed, looking at himself in the mirror had never made him feel quite like this before, that embarrassment in the pit of his stomach mixed with such an intense arousal it made it difficult to think straight. She owned him, that much was painfully clear at this point, and while it terrified him to imagine anyone seeing him like this, he had really come to love the feeling utter submission that being in this big, fluffy adult baby diaper brought him. He had drawn on it, per her request, marking himself as Mommy’s cuckold bitch. Every time I go out with a real man, she had told him, your little dicklette will be wrapped up snug in a diaper. Blinking back tears, Jeff couldn’t believe that first time when his wife pulled out a diaper bag and pacifier gag and had him swaddled in no time and made into her cuckold baby, telling him to call her Mommy from now on.


Mommy Jackie

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