A Good Fashion Designer The gown has a very nice appearance, and it was blue in colour; additionally, the design of the gown was very nice.
A Beautiful Dress
October 2, 2015
Unfeminine Porn This is a product for adults. It has a black color.
Sissy Humiliation with Mommy Liz
October 3, 2015

Your mom drops you off at my house for a few hours while she runs errands. HaHa! She has no idea what I have planned for you.

I take you upstairs and strip you of all of your clothes. You start to fight me but you know you can’t argue with your older cousin, I will always win. I tell you that if you don’t wear what I say, I’m going to make you go outside naked.

I get you all dressed up as a pretty little girl. You look so silly in that sissy dress and diaper. I’m going to take pictures of you and show all your friends. No one will want to talk to a weird little sissy fag like you! HaHa, that’s right, you’re nothing but a little baby girl. How does that diaper feel? Have you wet it yet, sissy baby? Aww, are you going to cry? Go ahead and cry, little baby!



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