A Magnificent Dress by a Renowned Designer It was a very pleasant sight to behold, and the dress was looking so lovely.
Go ahead and cry little sissy
October 2, 2015
A Hot Lady The woman was dressed in a pink western attire.
October 3, 2015

I’m not the most cruel mommy but I do give my adult babies what they need and sometimes you need to be humiliated and mistreated. I understand and I do my best to give you just what you need. I pick on the fact that all you have is that tiny cock. I dress you like a little girl and record you dancing with a teddy bear.

I have toys and tools I sometimes use. I paddle, I sodomize and I do what will show you who is the boss. That’s never a doubt when you become my adult baby. You need me to be a dommy mommy and that’s what I will become for you.

But on days you just want to be held, pampered and loved, well that’s what I’m truly best at. I’m the most giving mommy and my breasts long to be suckled.

So give me a call and tell me what you need.


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