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Sissy Humiliation with Mommy Liz
October 3, 2015
A Transparent Hot Lady can be seen seated at the table; she is dressed in all black, and she has a very seductive and alluring appearance.
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October 3, 2015

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Diaper Sissy weak and Frail, Hanging off her mommy’s tail.
ABDL in fancy dress,    not allowed to make a mess.
Hands and knees mouth open wide, fills her mommy with so much pride.
Takes a cock so big and thick, while stroking on her tiny dick.
Bent over my leather couch, take the cock but don’t say ouch.
Diaper sissy tries to cry, Mommy says don’t even try.
Friends of mommy cum to play, Sissy says no go away.
Sissy tied up nice and tight, Sissy try to escape and fight.
Ropes so tight he cannot move, mommy’s friend gets in the groove.
Fill your ass with giant cock, cover your mouth so you cannot talk.
Mommy brings in more to fuck, Sissy writhes and moans and bucks.
Men are laughing in your face, playing with your dress of lace.
Sissy girl so worn and wet, It’s almost over you can bet.
Men go home it’s time to sleep, until tomorrow then it repeats.


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