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October 3, 2015
Pegged Sissy
October 3, 2015

abdl mommy

I love being a strict disciplinarian to my adult baby. Aby needs a strict mommy just as much as they need a loving one. I am the perfect combination of the two.

I love talking to my adult babies and sissies. I enjoy exchanging stories and sharing ideas. When did you first start wearing diapers? Do you wear twenty four seven? What’s your favorite baby outfit? Do you enjoy diaper punishment and discipline?

Are you a diaper lover but don’t want to be a baby? What so you love about wearing diapers? Do you like it when your partner wears diapers too?

Every person I talk to has a different story. Everyone is unique, including me. I have my experiences to share with you too 🙂

I bet you didn’t know that I started out as a diaper girl and evolved in to a mommy 🙂 I still wear occasionally and I feel very sexy in them.

What about you, what’s your story?


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