Stepmother wearing pantyhose while waiting for dig Bick boy
Showing Off Sissy
June 30, 2019
Adults love Elastic Printed Diapers. In the photo, he is wearing a Pink Elastic Printed Adult Diaper.
Boy Turned Baby
July 15, 2019
sissy diapers, sissy baby, sissy maid

I have a pretty pink dress, a lace bonnet with a wide ribbon to tie underneath your cute chin, a pair of shiny white leather buckle shoes, lacy anklet socks, some ruffled pink diaper covers, and of course, a pink princess diaper. It’s all for you! You, silly thing, are going to be by sweet sissy baby girl and that means that around the house you don’t wear a thing that is cute as a button.  Some days I might want you to waddle and crawl around, a pacifier in your mouth as you suckle on it just like a baby should. Other days you’ll still be sucking on that paci, but while you’re doing all your chores, that short dress doing nothing to hide your abdl diaper from me or any of my friends that I invite to come over. Ready to play? Call me for some sissy baby phone sex!



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