Homemade blowjob with snot in the mouth and in bed
Dominant Daddy Time (part 1)
January 16, 2019
Adult brief nappies girl standing sexy custom
Secretary Mistress Janey Part 1
January 29, 2019

You will always be a diapered sissy baby.  Everything that you wear will be lacy, frilly, super feminine and girly and sissified! You did try for awhile, and I know you wanted it to work, but there never was a chance that you could do it. So don’t feel ashamed about this, dear, it’s just your nature.  There’s no fighting who you are, so you need to embrace it!  Though you should always be horribly embarrassed with how your tiny sissy clittie always stays hard inside your diapers. I do like watching you blush and it really is something to be embarrassed by! I might tell you put on a little show for me and my friends, have you rub the front of your diaper until you make cummies while we watch.  I might even open up the diaper to show everyone the sticky mess that you made! Call me for sissy humiliation  phonesex!



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