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Bedtime For Sissy
January 13, 2019
he is an adult baby sissy diaper boy; please humiliate him.
Forever A Silly Sissy Baby
January 27, 2019

Daddy wanted to have some fun adult time last night, but I was in a shy mood, so I tried to curl up around my teddy and hide my blushing face.  He wasn’t having that, though, and soon had me flat on my back with his legs pressing mine together, one massive hand holding both of mine against the bed.  He put his other hand to very good use, touching and sliding across every inch he could reach, pinching and playing with my sensitive nipples till they were cherry red! It didn’t take long at all for me to decide not to be shy anymore, and start asking him to touch me even more. I started trying to rock my hips, but he was still practically sitting on them, so I ended up just pressing my diaper against his crotch.  Feeling his hard cock even through my diaper got my pussy soaking wet! What else will Daddy do with his diaper sissy girl? Click right here to read the next part and call for dominant Daddy phonesex.



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