He wears pink clothing and the Swedish Diaper.
Diaper Check for a Cuckold Husband
December 25, 2018
Homemade blowjob with snot in the mouth and in bed
Dominant Daddy Time (part 1)
January 16, 2019

Dommy Mommy Caroline could tell her little sissy girl was fighting off sleep. After a long day of sissy playtime, the sweet adult baby girl had tired herself right out! An experienced femdomme mommy can always tell what a diaper lover baby needs, and Caroline was no exception. Before she could tuck her sissy girl into her adult baby crib for the night, she needed her full disposable princess diaper changed! She fussed as Mommy laid her down for a change, over tired and oh so ready for bed. Mommy had sissy’s pacifier all ready to go and baby quieted right down, happily sucking on her dummie. Caroline undid the tapes on the full to bursting baby diaper and cleaned sissy girl’s bottom with a thick stack of wipes. What a lucky sissy to get a sweet abdl diaper change before bed every night!


Mommy Jackie


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