As he heard the women begin to yell, "Wet your diaper!," his embarrassment intensified.
VooDommy Mommy Pt 3
December 13, 2018
woman with a hot face putting her hot face on her front camera
Bedtime For Sissy
January 13, 2019

Do I smell something stinky? You went poopy in your diaper already, little diaper sissy? Well, shuffle yourself over here to I can give you a diaper check, see if that horrible smell really is you. I don’t care that my new boyfriend is here, I already told him about how you were my husband before, but you were horrible at it, so I had no choice but to turn you into my diapered sissy baby! So you are going to walk on over here, get your diaper checked, and you better believe I will change you right in front of my manly boyfriend.  I might need to pull his hard thick cock out for a comparison to your teenie weenie little clittie, just as further demonstration for how pathetic you are. What on earth made you think that you could ever please a woman with that pitifully small thing dangling between your legs? Ready for your diaper check? Go on and give me call for sissy baby humiliation phonesex.



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