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November 14, 2017

Unpotty training Phone Sex Part 5

” People were starting to look.  Tawny smiled. How many times do I have to tell you, woman!?! You’re not 5 years old! Just wait! We’ll be going home in a few hours and you can go then!” As soon as Mistress Tawny said ‘a few hours,’ a bright yellow spot began to grow at Julia’s crotch. She began to cry, and the small spot turned into a large spot, then moved down her legs to form a huge puddle in the dirt at her feet. People were pointing and laughing at Julia’s bladder had finally emptied all over and overflowed into her white pants, socks, and even shoes. All her clothing was now almost completely bright yellow from her piss. Julie had started taking vitamins a few months ago at Tawny’s request, and they turned her urine the bright yellow nobody could mistake. Still sobbing,  Adult Baby Girl Julie let out a sigh of relief and tried to relax a bit. However, that relaxation started the flood all over again. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #unpottytrainingphonesex #diapergirl #abdl
June 18, 2017

Abduction Fantasy!

You was walking down the street when all of the sudden you look around and you see this me walking up to you, once up to you i start talking to you and then have you smell my perfume which happens to be some chloroform and you immediately go unconscious two other girl and I pick up your limp body and place you in our car and drive you to the our dungeon When we get you inside we strap your hands and feet down and slide on an adult diaper right underneath your bottom! And the place some Locking Plastic panties over your diaper and then a hood on over your face and give you complete sensory deprivation. You start to wake up and I walk inside your room as you awoke. Well hi there Sissy I slide off your hood! Welcome Home We are your mistress’s and your never ever leaving here! Understand me?  Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 OR click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy #abductionfantasy #roleplay #fetishphonesex
February 3, 2017

Ty loves sissy fag phone sex pt 2

Here’s the rest of the email my sissification phone sex lover Ty sent me. Check for part one here Then, at the ceremony, I would be taken to the altar, and have to say my vows, that I was a sissy, and that mark was a real man, that I would always call him DADDY or Master, that I would promise to obey him always, clean and cook and bathe him, and that he could do anything with me.  I would have to go to the bondage store and buy a necklace that said WIFE or sissy or cocklover.  At the ceremony, after I said my vows, mark would pull up my dress, and take me over his knee and spank me hard so that i would cry  in front of everyone. Then I would have to kiss his shoes. He would take out his cock and slap my face. I would have to kiss his cock, while everyone called me faggot.  After all that, Mark would make me publish a story in the newspaper describing the wedding, so everyone would know.  he would keep me in pink diapers or dresses at home, and take me out in a baby carriage or on a leash. So there you have it folks. Is Ty not the biggest sissy faggot you’ve ever seen? Ava 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #daddylover #sissyfag #humiliation
April 24, 2016

Sissy Chastity Phone Sex

This abdl mommy has spent quite a lot of time around you and I am well aware of exactly when you are looking at me with a naughty and lustful expression on your little face. Your cheeks get red and your eyes get heavy-lidded from your spot staring at my curvy body. Tsk tsk, little one… A sissy baby like you could never please mommy the way that she needs to be pleased. Knowing that, you should not look so surprised when mommy pulls out some of her favorite ways to reinforce these changes through different domination techniques that are tried and true! For starters, we will be sure there is no scrap of clothing available to you that is not girly and adorable. Next, we are going to lock that teeny tiny little peepee in chastity so that you will not be tempted to try anything! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010 Come and meet the phone sex mommies!
April 21, 2016

Trouble Pt 3

I made her wonder for a little while just lightly tapping the hairbrush on her little baby bottom from time to time.  Once I knew she wasn’t sure when the spanking would begin, I landed the first smack right in the middle of her two precious cheeks and watched her bottom quiver.  Of course she let out a cry, but I was determined this little girl was going to learn her lesson.  I started scolding her while I spanked in rhythm, “don’t you ever go outside without mommy or daddy again baby girl” “Next time I will just spank you right on the front porch where everyone can see you diapers and plastic panties being pulled down and your sweet bottom turning nice and red”.  My baby girl then went and opened her mouth saying “no you won’t mommy I too big for that”.  I reached into my purse with one hand while continuing to redden her bottom with the other, and pulled out a nice bar of soap which I then inserted into her little mouth so she couldn’t say another word.  Then I put down the hairbrush since her little baby bottom was turning nice and dark pink, and picked up her paddle!  You know you think you belong over Mommy’s lap too, so you better call me for your own spanking! Call Tawny 888-430-2010  Come and visit our Phone Sex Mommy Chat Room. #Phone sex   #phone sex   #Phone Sex    #TawnyM
January 3, 2016

Leave Naughty in 2015

As sweet as I am, it just breaks my heart to have to dish out punishment to even the naughtiest of adult babies. And let me tell you… some of them are SO naughty! I sat down with them after the new year and had a long talk about leaving all of that bad behavior behind us as we move forward together! Most of them reacted like the little sweeties that they are. All of my diaper sissies smiled and nodded, promising to be good! As much as mommy loves them, my diaper lovers like to show their independence. But we all know that they need their mommy! After some harsh words and a time out, they were in agreement as well about cleaning up their attitude. What a lucky abdl mommy I am to have such wonderful little ones. Hopefully I will get to spank less and snuggle more! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010
December 27, 2015

Mommy, Mommy!

You must obey mom! 🙂 I can always hear the sweet voices of my little ones when they have been playing too rough and one of them gets hurt. It is never fun for an abdl mommy to have to hear her sweeties crying, but there is something in your babies calling out for you that is music to any mother’s ears. Even when my diaper lovers come strolling into the room and I can see (AND smell) the sagging diaper hanging off of their bottoms, I know that they need me even if their need for independence is keeping them from showing it! I will always take care of my babies of all sizes, making sure that they are cleaned and fed. And for my big bABies, I have lots of surprises in mind for those who behave and sit still for mommy during our diaper changes! I need to clean up the mess you made, not make a bigger one, silly! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010
December 12, 2015

Nanny Ella’s Favorite Things – Part 2

Why hello my little Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! Welcome back to the nursery! I hope you are enjoying your holiday season, and you are being VERY good so that Santa AND Nanny Ella can give you lots of treats and presents. Of course I know some of you naughty bABies out there will get  into trouble and will have to be punished! Speaking of punishment…that is ANOTHER of My Favorite Things. Oh I love to be sweet and cuddley with my Adult Babies, buuuuuut….there is something so exciting to lay you out over my knee on my warm naked lap and give that naughty bottom a good smack! Some bABies need even more than that because they are extra naughty. It’s a good thing I have lots of adult toys that I can punish them with. What about you? How naughty have you been? Do I need to put you over my lap? Or maybe put something in that little diaper boy bottom of yours 😉 Love and Holiday Hugs, Nanny Ella www.phoneamommy.com/ella.html https://www.facebook.com/ella.madison.980 @nannyellamadison 888-430-2010
November 22, 2015

Dressing Up Sissies

The holidays are upon us and as the time goes by and we get closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve, I keep thinking about how many pretty outfits and dresses I can put my little sissies in. Most of them are so very loving and obedient and they are always sure to be completely submissive to everything that I say or tell them to do. They never talk back or fight me on it when I tell them that I will be putting them in a dress and panties, stockings, and even some pretty little shoes. For my adult babies who just can’t control their bladders and bottoms, I always have to keep them in a diaper underneath those cute panties! My diaper lovers just love wearing them so much that they beg me over and over again until I put them in one! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010
November 1, 2015

Bend Over for Mommy

You know what always makes mommy soooo happy? I think you might have an idea of what inside that naughty little mind of yours.. When mommy has had such a long and stressful day, nothing would be enjoyed more than coming home to see an obedient and willing little sissy on their hands and knees on the bed, bent over and waiting for mommy to come stuff a big strap-on deep into your ass. I can see you look back at me from where you kneel. You look so submissive and sweet, waiting for me to come up behind you, put my hands on your hips and slide into you. Spankings are a given, of course! I love spanking that ass over and over again as I push in and out of your tight little hole. Leaving nice red hot hand prints on your butt-cheeks always brings a smile to my face. XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010
September 13, 2015

Pretty Little Diaper Sissy

I am a loving, nurturing MILF. I do not like to have to repeat myself or raise my voice. Unless in a sexy role play, my typical demeanor is one that commands obedience and a submissive attitude. The perfect little sissy would know their place and acknowledge my full dominance over every aspect of their life without me ever having to utter a word. That is a tell-tale sign of a perfectly trained sissy slut. When mommy comes home from a long day and is tired, do you think she wants to have to worry about wiping down the kitchen before bed? No! She most certainly does not. Now, a good little sissy knows right away how mommy looks when she is tired and should be a good pet and get right to cleaning up without having to be told! You make it spotless while mommy sinks into a nice, hot bubble bath and relaxes for the night. After all, doing my bidding is why you are here! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
September 10, 2015

Small Penis Humiliation

Mommy is finally home from work and you know what that means! It’s time for mommy to have some fun with her abdl! We play lots of games together don’t we? Well today mommy is going to play her favorite! It’s called find the pee pee! That’s right you have a tiny little peeny weenie don’t you? Aww it looks so cute nestled between your legs. I bet mommy could find it if she started rubbing it like a little clitty huh? That’s exactly what it is! A little clitty for mommy to play with. Even pee pee is too big of a word because at least you can somewhat see it. Now yours can’t even do that can it? It disappears inside your tummy like an outtie belly button does it? Mommy can’t do anything with a little wee wee as small as that! Good thing you still have your tongue or you would be completely useless to mommy! With something as useless as that you deserve some small penis humiliation! Crissy 888 430-2010