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Get Naughty With Mommy Crissy
January 2, 2016
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Mommies and adult babies
January 3, 2016

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As sweet as I am, it just breaks my heart to have to dish out punishment to even the naughtiest of adult babies. And let me tell you… some of them are SO naughty! I sat down with them after the new year and had a long talk about leaving all of that bad behavior behind us as we move forward together! Most of them reacted like the little sweeties that they are. All of my diaper sissies smiled and nodded, promising to be good! As much as mommy loves them, my diaper lovers like to show their independence. But we all know that they need their mommy! After some harsh words and a time out, they were in agreement as well about cleaning up their attitude. What a lucky abdl mommy I am to have such wonderful little ones. Hopefully I will get to spank less and snuggle more!




abdl mommy phone sex adult baby diaper lover milf taboo fetish

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