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My Adult Baby Caught Wearing My Thongs: Part 1
December 29, 2015
A Boob Sex with a Nude Lady the lady was nude.
Leave Naughty in 2015
January 3, 2016
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Get Naughty With Mommy Crissy


Want a Mommy, girlfriend or mistress that understands your sick and twisted fantasies? Are you looking for someone Just as nasty, if not nastier then you?  I’m Crissy and even though I look sweet n innocent, I have a very dirty and deviant mind.  I love exploring different fetishes and taking things to the extreme.  One of my favorite fantasies is to seduce my young son and his friends.  I like being dominant and humiliating and emasculating my little boy.  I enjoy turning my son in to a little sissy and dressing him up
We can do whatever we want. I can dress-up for you, maybe you want to wear a pair of mommy’s sexy panties and dress-up like the little slut you are. oh we can have so much fun playing and exploring all your taboo sex fantasies together!  Call Mommy Crissy and let me take you on a wild ride.




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