In a standing stance, a man wearing an adult diaper.
Sissy Slut Phone Sex
June 17, 2017
A Sexy Hot Image a male was present, and a woman wearing a black outfit was sitting on a sofa.
Forced Back Into Adult Diapers
June 18, 2017

You was walking down the street when all of the sudden you look around and you see this me walking up to you, once up to you i start talking to you and then have you smell my perfume which happens to be some chloroform and you immediately go unconscious two other girl and I pick up your limp body and place you in our car and drive you to the our dungeon When we get you inside we strap your hands and feet down and slide on an adult diaper right underneath your bottom! And the place some Locking Plastic panties over your diaper and then a hood on over your face and give you complete sensory deprivation. You start to wake up and I walk inside your room as you awoke. Well hi there Sissy I slide off your hood! Welcome Home We are your mistress’s and your never ever leaving here! Understand me?  Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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