A front and black diaper girl is barefoot and standing on the ground.
Abduction Fantasy!
June 18, 2017
A Little Porn Lock man is seated in the chair and wearing a pink pair of hand gloves and a t-shirt.
Forced Sissy Punishment
June 19, 2017

Get up my sweet boy it’s time for school! Wake up! I am going to go grab your lunch and your better be up and dressed do you understand me? Good boy I walk into the kitchen and grab your lunch and come and check on you! Om what is that wet spot in the middle of the bed?  What do you mean that you may have had a little accident? That is unacceptable What did I tell you would happen if this happened again? Hm? Well since you don’t remember Have a good day at school! While you was gone I put up a crib and a Abdl changing table got rid of all of your big boy clothing and cut up all of your underwear and filled the drawer with some nice and thick Adult diapers And made sure to put all of my supplies where I can easily reach them! I heard you walk through the door! Cal me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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